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-Strawberry, rose petal and
-How to Make Perfect Biscuits
-Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs,
-Montreal bagels: Better than

-There’s a Rainbow-Colored
-Five myths about group tours
-The new rules of travel rewards
-Top Tuscan hill towns beyond

Life Stuff
-5 steps you need to take
-8 Nutritionist-Approved Tips
-Should College Athletes Be
-How to Break Up in Public

Home & Garden
-Field Guide: Beech
-Choose your style
-10 major mistakes to avoid
-Garden Visit: A Green Palette

Women’s Fashion
-The Summer Star: Converse
-Look Is the Definition of
-Spring 2016 Shoes: Snakeskin
-The Classic Hunter Boot:

Men’s Fashion
-The Double-breasted suit
-How to Build a Solid Streetwear
-The Minimalist Guide to Menswe

Tech & Gadgets
-Why ‘Twitter’s Final
-Retailers Drop Apple Watch
-How to Get Unlimited Flights
-6 ways to free up more space

Sports & Fitness
-Should College Athletes Be
-Training Tricks to Boost
-How Ryan Reynolds Got in
-How Kiteboarding Became the

-Bruce Springsteen Is Writing
-James Foley: A Story of Journalism
-8 Books That Totally Changed

-5 Derm-Approved Skin Fixes
-Everything You Need To Know
-How to Tame Unruly Bangs
-How to Keep Fine Hair Hydrated

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Why You Should Be Drinking Brandy

The thought of drinking brandy used to call to mind a cool old dude in a smoking jacket with a pipe sitting next to a fireplace reading War and Peace.

Controversial fees boost online vacation rental costs

Vacation rentals are suddenly more expensive, thanks to a new guest service fee tacked on to the rental price by the…

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Over 50 and little saved to retire on? Do this

When people reach their 50s, a common realization is how close retirement is getting — and how far they are from…

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The 4 Rules of Beautiful Wood Floors

Everyone thinks wood floors are delicate and require special TLC, but nothing could be further from the truth. A polyurethane (not wax)-finished wood floor…

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Reformation Introduces Their Spring Weddings Collection

For the bride or bridesmaid who finds herself in a “wedding situation.”

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Flip-Flops Built for (and From) War

On a table in a Kabul boot factory sat a makeshift desert sandal: a flip-flop thong attached to a spare rubber sole. Workers used them for quick trips…

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Protect Your Privacy: Apps That Go the Extra Mile

This week Apple told the FBI that it wouldn’t help crack into a password-protected smartphone used by one of the San…

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Get Stronger in Half the Time

Use these three bodyweight supersets to build strength in less time.

1. x021216-frozen.jpg,qitok=SQiPO6_w.pagespeed.ic.xl8HWQYNwkEntertainment
The Frozen Musical Will Premiere in This City Before Heading to Broadway

“We’re proud to announce that #Denver will be the first to see @FrozenBroadway before it makes its Broadway debut.”…

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5 Tips for Tackling Hormonal Acne

We’ve all been there: A huge blemish pops up and lasts for so long that it feels like you’re practically in a relationship

How not to get hacked on a plane

Public Wi-Fi systems such as those found on airplanes, in cafes or at malls are completely insecure and anyone using them

Quick berry muffins

These delicious and easy fresh fruit muffins are a great way to practice making a creamed cake mixture. It’s a simple way to add lightness to a bake that…

garden-japanese-carry-stool-5-gardenistaHome & Garden
Mission Accomplished: A Japanese Design Lab’s Two-in-One Garden Stool

Designer Tomoko Azumi’s splay-legged garden stool, which flips over to become a tool carrier, is one of our favorites:…

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Will CLA Supplements Really Help You Lose Weight?

Products containing CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid, line supplement store shelves boasting fat-burning and metabolism-boosting…