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298_398_the-earbuds-that-will-replace-your-over-ear-headphonesTech & Gadgets
Earbuds That Don’t Suck

Master & Dynamic ME05 Earphones: What It Is: Master & Dynamic’s solid brass and palladium ME05 in-ear buds combine sleek style with 8mm drivers, and come…

618_348_altra-iq-smart-shoes-worth-running-inSports & Fitness
The Only Smart Running Shoes Worth Buying

Since Altra’s flashy announcement at the 2015 Outdoor Retailer Summer show, there has been a lot of excitement about…

618_348_5-apps-to-help-you-organize-your-finances-and-make-more-cashTech & Gadgets
Asset Apps: Personal Financing From Your Phone

Not too long ago, staying on top of one’s finances was a tedious task that typically involved lots of tapping on a…

298_398_waze-the-app-that-changed-drivingTech & Gadgets
Waze: The App That Changed Driving

“You mind if I take the tunnel? It’s quicker.” Every urbanite has heard some version of this, at some point, sitting in the back of a taxi.

Pay attention to prepayment penalties!

Here’s a case where reading the fine print would have saved a lot of money and frustration — both on the part of the traveler

Mayo Clinic Diet: Southwest chicken and beans

What could be better than a warm, delicious dinner that you can put together in just 10 minutes?

The World’s Best Bartenders Reinvent a Winter Classic

Irish Coffee is an ideal cold weather warming a cocktail, a mix of the buzz we crave with the caffeine boost we require….

Rum, With a Twist

You may think of rum as an island booze best left to fruity drinks and swim-up bars. But you don’t know rum. Unlike bourbon or scotch….

Why You Should be Making Savory Cereal

“Brunch is the most boring meal in the world,” says Danny Bowien of Mission Chinese. It’s not that granola, eggs, and waffles aren’t delicious, it’s…

Why Jon Hein Unapologetically Loves Fast Food

The Howard Stern satellite show host has produced a TV show (Fast Food Mania on Destination America) and now a book…

Alex Honnold’s Patagonia Trifecta: Two Speed Records and a First Ascent

It’s been a busy week for climbers Alex Honnold and Colin Haley. On January 31, the two athletes set a blistering speed…