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‘Use It or Lose It’ Spending Accounts May Be CutBN-GQ523_0127us_G_20150127103330

Moves in Washington may curtail the availability of workplace “flexible spending accounts” for medical and child-care expenses. FSAs can allow families to set aside thousands of dollars of their salaries each year to pay qualifying expenses….

The 7 Deadly Truths Of Sugarsugarcake-850x400

If you’re contemplating a sugar cleanse, you’ll find that psychological preparedness is vital to your success. Part of that preparedness involves coming up with a plan that you can stick to. After doing as much research as I could for my own sugar detox, I ultimately came up with a list of 10 simple steps to help kick my sugar habit.

What Your Anxiety Is Really Trying To Tell YouWomanInRedPantsLookingOutWindowAtFlowers-850x400

I don’t know about you, but a lot of people today look at anxiety as if it’s this amorphous, inexplicable, physical phenomenon. They view it as an uncomfortable symptom that needs to be treated with medication, or with anything that will make it “go away.”

How To Choose Foods That Heal Yourealfoodcantal-850x400

After a weight loss journey in which I lost over 60 pounds, I discovered the most natural path to lasting weight loss is to nourish yourself with real, whole foods. It is possible to heal your body from within — no drugs, diets or deprivation required.

Is This the Freshest-Tasting IPA on the Planet?298_398_sierra-nevada-hop-hunter

Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter: Sierra Nevada Brewing manger Brian Grossman received a significant pushback when the brewery announced it would add a new year-round IPA in addition to its signature Torpedo Extra IPA.

Super Bowl Beer Face-Off: Seattle vs. New Englanda href=””>618_348_super-bowl-beer-face-off-seattle-vs-new-england

Seattle and Boston, the home cities of our Super Bowl contenders, are two of America’s finest beer towns with deep roots in craft brewing. We whittled down each city’s best beers down to three crowd pleasers available regionally or nationally.

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