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The 7 Best Books of August618_348_tk-august-books

August is the month the publishing industry traditionally takes a month-long nap, but luckily, they’ve arranged for some great books to come out anyway. Whether you’re joining the presses on a long vacation or stuck working in a (hopefully air-conditioned) office…..

The Evolution of Air Jordan618_348_michael-air-jordans-tktktktk

Filled with priceless Egyptian antiques, paintings by some of history’s most important painters and all housed in a massive Beaux-Arts landmark, the Brooklyn Museum’s collection stretches from ancient to modern. And now it’s showing off sneakers. The exhibition “The Rise of Sneaker Culture,” …………….

Inside-Out Crab Cakes618_348_inside-out-crab-cakes

Everyone loves a good crab cake, but let’s be honest: Most of the time you’re just eating expensive stuffing. The best ones I’ve ever had were back in culinary school when a chef from Baltimore rode up on his motorcycle with fresh-caught crab strapped to his bike.

The Most High-Tech Compact Camera Ever Made618_348_sony-rx100-iv

Sony RX100 IV – What It Is: The most feature-packed compact camera to date, delivering crisp 20-megapixel stills, as well as ultra-smooth slow-motion and 4K video.

Livetext: Yahoo’s Answer to Snapchat, FaceTime, and Gchat298_398_livetext-yahoos-answer-to-snapchat-facetime-and-gchat

There’s texting, good old-fashioned phone calls, voice messages, email, Slack, GChat, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and a slew of other ways to get ahold of people from your smartphone. But Yahoo announced today ….

7 Cool New Features From Windows 10618_348_windows-10

Microsoft has returned to its roots with Windows 10, which is now available for anyone looking to upgrade from Windows 8. With its user-friendly design, Windows 10 aims to unite several mediums of Microsoft products — everything from laptops to the Xbox One console…..

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