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BrainVolumeLife Stuff
Exercising in your forties could stop brain shrinking

Exercising when aged between 40 and 50 could help prevent the brain shrinking, potentially adding years to life expectancy,…

DementiaRatesLife Stuff
Why Dementia Rates May Be Slowing Down

Rates of dementia are due to skyrocket in coming decades. But the latest study shows that the trend may be reversible,

10 essential skills every traveler should have

Anyone can fumble their way through security and learn a few words in a foreign language. But expert travelers are…

Alex Honnold’s Patagonia Trifecta: Two Speed Records and a First Ascent

It’s been a busy week for climbers Alex Honnold and Colin Haley. On January 31, the two athletes set a blistering speed…

Why Jon Hein Unapologetically Loves Fast Food

The Howard Stern satellite show host has produced a TV show (Fast Food Mania on Destination America) and now a book…

Why You Should be Making Savory Cereal

“Brunch is the most boring meal in the world,” says Danny Bowien of Mission Chinese. It’s not that granola, eggs, and waffles aren’t delicious, it’s…

Rum, With a Twist

You may think of rum as an island booze best left to fruity drinks and swim-up bars. But you don’t know rum. Unlike bourbon or scotch….

The World’s Best Bartenders Reinvent a Winter Classic

Irish Coffee is an ideal cold weather warming a cocktail, a mix of the buzz we crave with the caffeine boost we require….

618_348_why-fit-people-burn-fewer-calories-than-the-unfitSports & Fitness
Why Fit People Burn Fewer Calories

You might think that if you bike to work, take a walk at lunch, and lift weights in the evening, you’ll burn a lot more calories in a day than the guy…

618_348_thoracic-outlet-syndrome-tktktkLife Stuff
How to Fix Your Tight Neck

A stiff neck can cause weakness, numbness, tingling, and even painful sensations in your arms.

618_348_bpa-free-is-no-safer-peopleLife Stuff
Plastic Problems: New Study Says BPA-Free Is No Safer

BPA-free plastic water bottles, food containers, and sippy cups may be no safer than those containing bisphenol-A….