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Pass the SalamiRecipes & Cooking - 2015 - Salami

If cooking is magic, this salami is the ultimate sleight of hand. Look at it. Admire its perfectly burnished top, the way it gracefully tapers at both ends.

Down Payments Get Smallerdownload

It is getting easier for some buyers to land a house with less money up front. More lenders are lowering down-payment requirements, allowing borrowers to commit 3%—or even less—of a home’s purchase price to get a mortgage. Many had been requiring down payments of at least 20% since the recession began.

The Indestructible Carry-On298_398_the-indestructible-carry-on

Flying can wreak havoc on a guy’s luggage, whether it’s getting thrown around or just sitting on the tarmac in a storm. Luckily, Pelican has been making crush-proof, water-resistant electronics cases for the past 35 years, and its new suitcases, including the Elite Carry-On, are as resilient to the elements — human and natural — as its other protective cases.

The Truth About 4K Televisiondownload

Like every industry, consumer electronics is full of scams. Look no further than 3D TV for evidence of that, a technology that television makers guaranteed would become ubiquitous, despite almost universal disdain from journalists and consumers. And up to now, 4K televisions (technically called Ultra HD TVs, since an 8K is in development) have felt like yet another shell game.

Sony’s Strange, Noble Gamble on High-Resolution Audio298_398_sonys-mind-boggling-gamble-on-hi-res-audio

The Walkman, you may have heard, has risen from the dead. Last year, Sony reimagined that noble, iconic device as a dedicated digital music player. You would be forgiven for thinking this a strange decision. Of all the gadgets that the smartphone has left decimated in its wake, the digital music player was arguably the first to go.

The Smartphone With a Cutting-Edge Design298_398_samsung-galaxy-note-edge-review

Samsung is rethinking how a smartphone should be designed with the Galaxy Note Edge, which moves your home screen to the side of the phone, a risky innovation that sets it apart from the boxier competition.

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